The Emotion School

Counterfeit Emotions Masterclasses offer an insightful exploration into the realm of emotions, focusing on the distinction between authentic and counterfeit feelings. Participants learn to identify and understand emotions that may appear genuine but are, in fact, masking deeper, more complex sentiments. Through comprehensive guidance, these masterclasses provide practical tools and criteria for discerning authenticity in emotions. Attendees emerge with a heightened emotional intelligence, enabling them to navigate relationships with greater clarity and authenticity.

21-Day Masterclasses

Nice vs. Kind

Are you the Nice Guy/Girl? It's time to break out of being Nice and start being Kind. Learn how to connect in Authentic ways.


Fitting In vs. Belonging

In a world of constant comparison, it's easy to fall into the mindset of trying to fit in with everyone. The truth is you belong here.


Misery vs. Pain

Most humans don't understand the true and beneficial nature of Pain. Nor do we know the toxic and destructive nature of Misery. 


Resignation vs. Surrender

One of the most powerful tools in our emotional arsenal. Learning to let go creates true power in our lives


Shame vs. Guilt

One has a high frequency. The other is one of the lowest-frequency emotions we can experience. Tap into the beauty of guilt.


Control vs. Power

Are you tapping into your internal power or trying(and failing) to control everything (and everyone) outside you?


Pleasure vs. Joy

In today's world of instant gratification, we want pleasure now and live in the moment of eat, drink, and be merry. Instead, it’s a life of joy which brings us the peace our souls crave.


Perfectionism vs. Excellence

Do you feel comfortable with how you are improving and what you are achieving or are you constantly worrying you're not perfect?


Learn more by taking the 5 Day Self-Paced Transformative Courses

In these courses, you will transform your thinking and begin to tap into your authentic self. This will prepare you for the 21-day transformation, which will transform your life.

Counterfeit Emotions Self-Paced Courses

What does a Counterfeit Emotions Masterclass look like?

The Counterfeit Emotions Masterclass is an immersive 21-day program designed for self-paced online learning. Participants embark on a transformative journey to distinguish genuine emotions from deceptive ones. Weekly video calls provide a platform for interactive discussions and personalized guidance. This course demands a commitment to change, encouraging participants to apply newfound insights to their daily lives. It's a dynamic and comprehensive experience aimed at cultivating emotional intelligence and fostering authentic connections. Join us on this enlightening path towards genuine emotional understanding.

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The Counterfeit Emotions Masterclasses aim to foster healthier connections and empower individuals to lead more genuine, fulfilling lives.