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Counterfeit Emotions with Curtis Morley

May 20, 2024

Curtis Morley is interviewed on the 'Be You: Your Story, Your Purpose' podcast with Brenda Simmons.

They discuss what counterfeit emotions are, and how emotional experiences differ between men and women.


Men reportedly aren’t addressing their mental health. A Utah collective wants to change that

May 20, 2024

Counterfeit Emotions, the Heare Brotherhood, and TaxHive, put on a men's event on May 9, 2024, promoting the comradery and brotherhood created through authenticity. 

The focus of this 'Mastering the Masculine Mind' event is to help men better recognize and understand their emotions, and then to reach out.


Curtis Morley | Living Authentically

May 15, 2024

The Living Limitless Podcast, hosted by Clint Riggin, welcomed Curtis Morley to share how we can live our most authentic lives by identifying which emotions are causing destructive habits in our life.

Through the experiences of life, we need to understand our emotions and what they are trying to tell us. 


Watch Out for Your Counterfeit Emotions with Curtis Morley

April 24, 2024

Featured on one of the world's top 1% podcasts, the Leadership Lab with Patrick Leddin, Curtis Morley discusses how counterfeit emotions affect individuals lives and leadership. 

In the discussion, the differences between Nice vs. Kind are explored with insights and stories. 


Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson - Featuring Curtis Morley

April 23, 2024

KSL News Radio show, Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson, featured Curtis Morley to explain what Counterfeit Emotions are.

They discuss how we can recognize and overcome the counterfeits in our lives. 


No More Mr. Nice Guy - Curtis Morley

April 11, 2024

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Featured on The BrainStoke Podcast, Curtis Morley explains the transformational purpose of Counterfeit Emotion courses. 

He touches on the effects of Misery vs. Pain, and how joy can be found even in painful experiences. He also discusses the differences of Nice vs. Kind. 


How 'digital mindfulness' can help you feel less burned out by work

April 5, 2024

In an article published by Fast Company, learn from multiple professionals, including Curtis Morley, how you can develop more 'digital mindfulness' throughout your day. 

The digital age is growing, making it more necessary to learn how to work effectively with technology.


Teenpreneur pitching event kicks off in Orem today

March 9, 2024

Highlighted by ABC 4 News, local business leaders hosted a special event for teen entrepreneurs. Teens came together to pitch their business ideas, receiving cash prizes to help them get started.

Watch the review here:


3 Things to Say, Wear to Show You Care

February 29, 2024

KUTV featured Braiden Day and Curtis Morley for a segment on what to say and wear to show someone that you care.

A recent study conducted by Curtis shows that it is better to dress up.


Ladies on Fire Business Event

February 29, 2024

Fox 13 News highlighted the recent 'Ladies on Fire' business event hosted at Taxhive. 

Debbie Hart, Christine Diamond, and Curtis Morley were all speakers at the event. A training on Counterfeit Emotions and how it relates to women in business was given.


"Counterfeit Emotions" vs. Authentic Emotions

February 27, 2024

Featured on The Heare Brotherhood Podcast, Curtis Morley shares his story of the beginnings of Counterfeit Emotions and the purpose behind it.

He unpacks the concept of Misery vs. Pain - explaining that "Pain is meant to hurt", and not meant to be held. 


What to Say & Wear to Show You Care

February 19, 2024

GoodThings Utah -

Learn about the best things to wear on a date from Braiden Day, CEO of Odion Menswear. 

Learn about the best things to say on a date - how to be authentically curious, from Curtis Morley, CEO of Counterfeit Emotions.


Counterfeit Emotions vs. Authentic Emotions

February 1, 2024

Apple Podcasts


The Sparks of Gratitude podcast, hosted by Randy Sparks, welcomed Curtis Morley for a discussion on counterfeit vs. authentic emotions. 

The discussion includes an overview of Counterfeit Emotions, and how it came about. They unpack the criteria of recognizing counterfeit vs. authentic emotions, and the model of how to go from nice to kind. 


Safe2Feel Conference Inspires Young Adults to Connect with Their Emotions

January 25, 2024

In a recent 'The Daily Universe' article, written by McKenna Jensen, the Safe2Feel conference is recognized as a place where people can authentically connect with their emotions.

The article says, that Kristi Holt and Curtis Morley explained - "they wanted to create a space where individuals could feel safe and learn how to turn their emotions into superpowers."


Teens, Parents Gather at UVU for Safe2Feel Conference

January 21, 2024

ABC4 features the January 2024 Safe2Feel Conference.

Teens, Young adults, and Parents gathered from all over to learn about how to live with emotions. Mental Health experts from all over the country came to speak and train about emotional intelligence.


ARC: Utah Valley University Hosting 'Safe2Feel' for Mental Health Stigma

January 19, 2024

ARC: KUTV 2 News Salt Lake City highlights the Safe2Feel Conference.

To create a more open conversation around mental health, this conference is going to focus on becoming more aware and attentive to your emotions. 


How to Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder

January 19, 2024

Counterfeit Emotions and Safe2Feel Conference were featured in an article published by Utah Stories.

Emotional health is an important subject for all. Many struggle to find the hope and joy due to Seasonal Affective Disorder, especially during Utah winters. 

The Safe2Feel Conference is an opportunity for all to find hope.


Free Safe2Feel Conference Teaches Coping, Confidence-Building Skills

January 18, 2024

Curtis Morley and Dr. Greg Hudnall promote the upcoming Safe2Feel Conference on KSL5 TV. 

The free conference is setup to help teens and youth to feel safe with their emotions. 

Register for tickets here - www.tinyurl.com/safe2feel2024 


No. 1 Skill to Ensure Success in 2024

January 16, 2024

In an interview with KUTV Fresh Living, Bronson Kaufusi and Curtis Morley share the No. 1 skill to open the door to success - emotional intelligence/resilience. 

The upcoming, Jan. 2024 Safe2Feel Conference is an opportunity to strengthen this essential skill. 


Counterfeit Emotions, Nice vs. Kind, Guilt vs. Shame, Creating Healthy Boundaries for Yourself- A Masterclass with Curtis Morley

January 15, 2024

Featured on, The Gentlemen's Project Podcast, Curtis shares his journey with Counterfeit Emotions. 

Explore the dynamics of relationships, differentiating between being "nice" and being "kind" to discern manipulation from genuine love.


Interactive Conference to Help Teens, Young Adults Learn Emotional Resilience

January 13, 2024

Curtis highlights the purpose behind the Safe2Feel Conference in his interview with ABC4 Utah. We are facing a new pandemic - a pandemic of loneliness. The upcoming Safe2Feel Conference will help strengthen attendees in their emotional intelligence.


5 Principles For Jumpstarting Authenticity

January 2024

In this article, Curtis Morley talks about the quest for authenticity, defining it as staying true to one's character. He emphasizes recognizing the difference between authentic and counterfeit emotions, highlighting dyads such as Pain vs. Misery and Guilt vs. Shame. Morley introduces five principles to guide individuals toward authenticity. By understanding these principles and evaluating emotions one can distinguish genuine emotions from counterfeits and foster their most authentic self.


Navigating Tough Conversations During Thanksgiving Dinner

November 24, 2023

Navigating potentially tense conversations during Thanksgiving, relationship expert Curtis Morley suggests embracing genuine kindness, emphasizing that 'nice' can be a deceptive facade compared to the authenticity of 'kind.' By addressing the proverbial elephant in the room and adopting these principles, Thanksgiving gatherings can shift from potential chaos to moments of authentic connection and understanding.


How to handle conflict, difficult subjects at the Thanksgiving dinner table

November 22, 2023

FOX 13 News - In all seriousness, relationship expert Curtis Morley said avoiding conflict for the goal of a “perfect” holiday can actually create more tension.

He wants everyone to remember the purpose of Thursday: it’s about being thankful for the person sitting across from you despite the differences.


Communicating and Enforcing Boundaries

November 17, 2023

A 'Communication Intelligence - The Newsletter' article written by Michael Toebe.

In this article, three professionals share insights about the importance of boundaries. Curtis Morley shares, "It is brave and kind to set boundaries." 


'You're not your emotions': Safe2Feel conference teaches emotional intelligence

November 4, 2023

Presented by, Counterfeit Emotions and Vibeonix, the Safe 2 Feel workshops gave an opportunity for people of all ages to learn and discuss emotional intelligence. 

The workshops included discussions about how to recognize and handle emotions, as well as how to allow emotions to move through you. 


How to Remove the 'Elephant' from Holiday Gatherings

November 2, 2023

KUTV — There's an elephant in the room at most holiday gatherings but no one knows how to bring it up or address it.

Curtis Morley, founder of 'Counterfeit Emotions' shared some principles to remove that elephant out of your holiday gatherings.

He discussed the topic with Kari just in time for the holiday season.


Collin Plume Podcast with Curtis J. Morley

October 17, 2023

In business, family life, friendships, and any other aspect of life, it's crucial to be aware of your emotions. Curtis has a discussion about how important it is to know the difference between a counterfeit emotion and an authentic emotion. 





Unmasking the Counterfeit Emotions with Curtis J. Morley

September 22, 2023

Curtis reveals a profound insight: virtually every genuine emotion has a deceptive counterfeit, with the exception of peace. These counterfeit emotions, expert mimics of their authentic counterparts, misguide us and sow chaos in our lives. By acquiring the skill to identify these impostors, we can liberate ourselves from their grasp, unlocking a life of authenticity and satisfaction.


'It's OK to feel,' says Utah Entrepreneur during Suicide Prevention Month

September 18, 2023

Curtis Morley, spurred by the tragic loss of his friend to suicide, has launched Counterfeit Emotions to foster a healthier relationship with emotions and combat suicide rates in the region. In light of September being Suicide Prevention Month, Morley emphasizes the importance of emotional resilience and accessible resources. He advocates for acknowledging and processing deep emotions.


The Silent Struggle: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

September 15, 2023

A reminder of the silent epidemic we face: the emotional pandemic. We've masked more than just our smiles - we've veiled our hearts, leading to a surge in suicides. The antidote lies in genuine connection. Learn the power of distinguishing between authentic and counterfeit emotions, particularly guilt versus shame. Guilt, a force for connection and repair, is our beacon out of the darkness of suicidal ideation. Reach out for support; you're never alone in your struggles. 


Part Three - Faith vs. Fear. Plus a discussion on Peace.

September 6, 2023

The Flameless Fireside Podcast features Curtis for the third part of this series. An insightful discussion on Faith vs. Fear, two emotions that seem like opposites, however, are more similar than you'd think. Learn more about the only emotion that does not have a counterfeit - Peace.


Part Two - Power vs. Control

August 30, 2023

The Flameless Fireside Podcast again welcomes Curtis for Part two of a three-part series on Counterfeit Emotions. Power vs. Control. We can take hold of our individual power through understanding where our stewardship lies. Avoid the illusion of control. 


Part One - Love vs. Lust

August 23, 2023

The Flameless Fireside Podcast welcomes Curtis Morley to speak about the differences of Love vs. Lust. Understanding the differences is crucial in cultivating meaningful relationships. Discover how you can dig deeper beyond the surface-level to be more authentic.


Entrepreneurs Are Struggling With Mental Health. It Doesn't Have to Be This Way.

December 26, 2021

The article discusses the rising mental health pandemic, worsened by COVID-19, and points out that while people focus on physical health, mental health issues are escalating. It urges seeking help, reframing fears, and fostering a supportive community to normalize mental health discussions and prompt action.