Self-Paced Nice vs. Kind Transformation

Kind is Powerful. Nice is Destructive. 

Do you wish you could stop the destructive behaviors that harm your relationships and create disconnection from those you love?

It's crazy because most of us were taught our whole lives to "Be nice" and not how to be lovingly authentic. Nice is one of the sneakiest emotions. It's so sneaky because it masquerades as Kindness without us even being aware that we are engaging in destructive habits.

It's time to get rid of nice and turn authentic loving kindness Into Your Superpower. 

5 Benefits of Going from Nice to Kind

  1. Learn the four criteria to determine if you're being kind or just being nice.
  2. Living the model of how to go from being nice to being kind.
  3. Know how to set and keep healthy, loving boundaries, especially during conflict.
  4. Understand if you are setting authentic or counterfeit expectations.
  5. Learn how to lean into a situation with love, especially when you want to lean out.

Personal Benefits

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your own behavior and counterfeit emotions
  • Become an advocate for YOU
  • Differentiate between authentic and counterfeit emotions
  • Foster personal growth and a stronger sense of self
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by setting healthy boundaries
  • Effectively express your true feelings more effectively
  • Boost your self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Navigate life with greater self-assuredness
  • Identify¬†people-pleasing tendencies

 Relationship Benefits

  • Thrive in all of your relationships
  • Grow¬†with Authentic Connections
  • Remove¬†the tension in your relationships
  • Break out of codependent¬†relationships
  • Foster deeper, more meaningful connections with others by expressing your authentic self
  • Develop the ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Build trust and respect in your relationships
  • Learn to address conflicts in a constructive and compassionate manner
  • Enhance the quality of your friendships by being a more genuine and reliable friend


Professional Benefits

  • Develop leadership skills by becoming a more authentic and assertive leader in your professional life.
  • Improve your ability to collaborate more effectively with colleagues
  • Learn to manage workplace conflicts¬†
  • Increase your chances of career advancement by showcasing your authenticity and leadership abilities
  • Reduce workplace stress by setting clear boundaries
  • Contribute to stronger team dynamics by promoting authenticity, trust, and open communication amongst team members




"I am learning so much about myself and my true emotions. At the beginning I didn’t know that just two simple words Nice vs Kind, would bring up so much emotion and disturb my comfort zone. I’m so in love with this 21 day course. Now I understand why you say, "I’m a recovering nice guy." It will be a life time program"

- Marcia C.

 Nice vs. Kind Course Overview

Kind vs. Nice Overview: Gain a clear understanding of the distinction between being kind and nice.

The Four Criteria: Discover the four criteria that often drive our niceness and its impact on relationships.

The Model of Going From Nice to Kind: Learn the step-by-step model for transitioning from being merely nice to practicing genuine kindness.


Invite: Learn how to invite others into constructive conversations by focusing on growth and understanding.

 Misconceptions of Being Nice: Challenge common misconceptions about niceness and its implications.

Nice Guys/Girls Are Not Peacemakers: Explore the difference between being a peacemaker and merely appeasing others.

Nice Guy = The Victim: Identify the victim mentality and its connection to being overly nice.

Conflict Avoidance vs. Conflict Resolution (Leaning Out vs. Leaning In): Differentiate between conflict avoidance and resolution.

 Reflection: Reflect on your journey and the insights gained through the course.

Celebrate: Acknowledge your growth and celebrate your commitment to cultivating kindness.

What people are saying about the class


Patty E.

"The world needs this! I used to think emotions were either bad or good. Now I know that every emotion serves a purpose. Understanding the difference between authentic and counterfeit emotions is helping me grow in ways I never imagined. This is life-changing"!"

Christina J.

"I am finding awesome opportunities at least once a day to share about the things I have been learning.¬† When you truly love and care for someone, you are kind, not sugarcoated nice. You make choices that are kind to yourself, and kind to them- not just what feels comfortable or good in the moment. I truly believe that the work Curtis is doing is vitally important to helping us.‚Ä̬†

Rob A.

"Almost immediately I started to recognize things and behaviors that were the opposite of what I had intended. Being taught to be nice my whole life and not realizing that it was damaging was eye-opening. Your statement that nice has an expectation or "you owe me," attached to it and kind doesn't was so helpful."

Zack M.

"The "Nice vs. Kind" master class quite literally changed my life. I was shocked in the beginning at how much of the content related to me as an individual. I felt a great need to change numerous "nice" behaviors in my life. The group in this course was incredible. I felt empowered by the examples around me. As we opened to vulnerability and shared experiences, I felt so encouraged that change is possible, even in just three weeks. This course introduced me to my authentic self."

Diantha L.

‚ÄúIf you feel consistently drained by your relationships, then this course is for you. Curtis walks you through setting appropriate boundaries, while aligning yourself with your higher values in your relationships. His step-by-step and day-by-day group approach will help retrain your brain to achieve what you really crave--lasting, authenitc, and synergizing connections with the people around you! It's a lot of work, but definitely worth all of the effort I spent. Plus, I've made amazing friendships with others who also desire to be kind!‚ÄĚ


Nice vs. Kind Self-Paced Transformation


5-Day Self-Paced Nice vs. Kind Transformation


Course Highlights:

  • Self-Paced Learning: Complete the course at your convenience over 5 days.
  • Deep Insights:¬†Understand the differences between superficial niceness and genuine kindness.
  • Practical Applications:¬†Apply kindness in personal, professional, and relationship contexts.


  • Enhance Authentic Relationships: Foster honest connections based on true kindness.
  • Improve Personal Well-being: Prioritize your well-being while being kind to others.
  • Boost Professional Interactions:¬†Lead with empathy and respect in the workplace.

What's Included:

  • Daily Lessons:¬†Structured content to guide your transformation into genuine kindness.
  • Interactive Exercises:¬†Tools for practicing kindness in daily life.
  • Certificate of Completion: Acknowledge your commitment to genuine kindness



This class was very well thought out and put together. I'm so grateful for the insight I gained from this class. I especially loved how it was set up. Having virtual chats twice a week to make sure everyone is on the same page and to answer our questions was a great idea. Having a couple people to check in with each day and discuss the challenges and insights we are having was so helpful. Having the specific things we have to do each day was so helpful to help us remember what we're working on to give us more opportunities to practice and make these skills a habit in our lives. This class will be so helpful for so many people! It's so helpful in teaching us how to connect with others better and set and implement healthy boundaries. 

- Melissa M.