Fitting In vs. Belonging Self-Paced Class

Do you wish you could stop the destructive behaviors in your life that are harming your relationships and creating disconnection from those you love?

Connect with Your Authentic Self and Transform Your Thinking

5 Benefits of this Class

  1. The Essence of Belonging:
    Understanding belonging as articulated by being you, not changing or manipulating you to fit in.
  2. Four Criteria of Authentic Emotions:
    Exploring¬†aspects of authentic emotions‚ÄĒConnection, Direction, Motivation, and Valuation‚ÄĒas the foundation for true belonging.¬†
  3. Learn what True Belonging Looks and Feels Like:
    Recognizing the language of belonging, characterized by affirmations like "I am enough," fostering self-love, gratitude for personal growth, acceptance of imperfections, and embracing humanity.
  4. Serving Self-Identity and Individuation:
    Discover more about you and cultivate greater love for who you are and who you are becoming. 
  5. Breaking the Fitting In Cycle: Learn how to identify and break free from fitting in. Recognizing that fitting in often creates destructive patterns in life and impedes personal growth.

Personal Benefits

  • Enhanced sense of identity and self-worth
  • Increased feelings of security and acceptance
  • Greater emotional support and connectedness
  • Improved mental and emotional well-being
  • Opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Enhanced resilience in the face of challenges
  • Overall improvement in life satisfaction and happiness

 Relationship Benefits

  • Strengthened bond and connection with others
  • Improved communication and understanding within relationships
  • Increased trust and loyalty among partners
  • Enhanced cooperation and collaboration in achieving common goals
  • Greater empathy and compassion towards each other
  • Reduced conflict and friction within relationships
  • Improvement in the quality and satisfaction of relationships

Professional Benefits

  • Enhanced teamwork and collaboration in the workplace
  • Improved morale and job satisfaction among employees
  • Increased sense of loyalty and commitment to the organization
  • Greater productivity and efficiency in achieving business objectives
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation through diverse perspectives and ideas
  • Improved employee retention and reduced turnover rates
  • Improvement in organizational culture and employee well-being

"I gained more confidence in who I am and what I bring to the table. I better understand how I already can belong without needing to change who I am. I feel more empowered to connect with others and to show up as my true self."

- Gabriela S.

Fitting In vs. Belonging 5-Day Course

5-day Self-Paced Fitting In vs. Belonging Course


Course Highlights:

  • Self-Paced Learning: Complete the course at your convenience over 5 days.
  • Deep Insights:¬†Understand the differences between¬†fitting in and belonging.
  • Practical Applications:¬†Apply¬†what you learn in personal, professional, and relationship contexts.


  • Enhance Authentic Relationships: Foster honest connections based on a true sense of belonging.
  • Improve Personal Well-being: Prioritize your well-being while¬†finding places of true belonging.
  • Boost Professional Interactions:¬†Lead with empathy and respect in the workplace.

What's Included:

  • Daily Lessons:¬†Structured content to guide your transformation.
  • Interactive Exercises:¬†Tools for practicing¬†how to find belonging in daily life.
  • Certificate of Completion: Acknowledge your commitment to¬†belong.



What People are Saying 


Patty E.

"The world needs this! I used to think emotions were either bad or good. Now I know that every emotion serves a purpose. Understanding the difference between authentic and counterfeit emotions is helping me grow in ways I never imagined. This is life-changing"!"

Tanya F.

"This class was amazing and helped me to love myself a little bit more. My self esteem improved. I feel like I belong in my own space. I also connected with class participants who will be my lifelong friends. Life-changing class!‚Ä̬†

Gabriela S.

"I gained more confidence in who I am and what I bring to the table. I better understand how I already can belong without needing to change who I am. I feel more empowered to connect with others and to show up as my true self."

Fitting In vs. Belonging Overview

Fitting in vs. Belonging Overview: Gain a clear understanding of the distinction between fitting in and belonging.

The Four Criteria: Discover the four criteria that often drive fitting in and its impact on relationships.

The Model of Going From Fitting In to Belonging: Learn the step-by-step model for transitioning to genuine belonging.

Five Places We Find True Belonging: Learn the five places where we can discover a true sense of belonging.

Connect to Belong: Learn how connection to others opens the door for belonging. Disconnection is the pathway to a feeling of having to fit in. 

Imposter Syndrome: Explore the common pitfall of feeling like an imposter and how to overcome that. 

Exploring Fitting In: Identify the signs of Fitting In, and what harmful patterns it creates in our lives.

The Effects of Belonging vs. Fitting In: Differentiate between the two and learn how authentic and genuine true belonging is.

 Reflection: Reflect on your journey and the insights gained through the course.

Celebrate: Acknowledge your growth and celebrate your commitment to cultivating a true sense of Belonging.

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