$210.00 USD

Fitting in vs. Belonging 5 Day Self-Paced Masterclass

In a world of constant comparison, it's easy to fall into the mindset of trying to fit in with everyone. The truth is you belong here.


Fitting in vs. Belonging Overview: Gain a clear understanding of the distinction between fitting in and belonging.

The Four Criteria: Discover the four criteria that often drive fitting in and its impact on relationships.

The Model of Going From Fitting In to Belonging: Learn the step-by-step model for transitioning to genuine belonging.

Five Places We Find True Belonging: Learn the five places where we can discover a true sense of belonging.

Connect to Belong: Learn how connection to others opens the door for belonging. Disconnection is the pathway to a feeling of having to fit in. 

Imposter Syndrome: Explore the common pitfall of feeling like an imposter and how to overcome that. 

Exploring Fitting In: Identify the signs of Fitting In, and what harmful patterns it creates in our lives.

The Effects of Belonging vs. Fitting In: Differentiate between the two and learn how authentic and genuine true belonging is.

 Reflection: Reflect on your journey and the insights gained through the course.

Celebrate: Acknowledge your growth and celebrate your commitment to cultivating a true sense of Belonging.