$510.00 USD

5 - Week Men's Masterclass

Get Ready. This journey is going to take genuine desire to change. Literally, reroute your neural pathways to create a healthy and powerful lifestyle.

The Masterclass begins on April 29, 2024.

What to expect:

  • Week 1: Nice vs. Kind
    • Do you placate to others and sacrifice all of your needs for other people's needs? Learn how to be kind to yourself first, and then offer that kindness to others.
  • Week 2: Lust vs. Love
    • Do you struggle to find true connection over objectification? Learn how to break out of the destructive lust cycle and discover genuine love.
  • Week 3: Shame vs. Guilt
    • Shame is one of the lowest-frequency emotions we can feel. It does not progress us towards change. Guilt is a beautiful, healthy emotion that leads to growth.
  • Week 4: Misery vs. Pain
    • Are you stuck in Misery? Misery loves company - it needs more Misery to survive. Pain is an emotion that comes to make way for love and growth and then moves on.
  • Week 5: Control vs. Power
    • True Power is found within a man's character and abilities. We cannot control what is outside of us. Learn how to use your divine power for good.

This journey will help you become a better man, husband, father, and businessman.